Let us tell you about TOMIZ.

At TOMIZ, we love to do many different things. We create an experience for  people who want to visit daily and leave with a unique experience every time. We have an infinite amount of combinations, so each time you visit us, you'll have a different meal to try.

Our Mission

Since 1990, we have been bringing to customers what we still cherish and our mission hasn't changed since. 

Fresh, handmade products for you to stop in and enjoy at your convenience. We are proud to say that we have two locations open in New York City. Every one of our locations are conveniently located. 

Please make sure to frequently check on us as we are constantly bringing out new, unique products for your pleasure.


Fresh, handmade cakes made to order for any of your special occasions.


Our party platters are the perfect choice for gifts and events.


Stop into one of our locations to see the wide variety of products at TOMIZ.


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